Tim Provis

My birth on the south side of Chicago in 1948 puts me smack dab in the middle of the Boomer generation.  My family moved to a small Wisconsin town in 1963, making high school difficult because the other kids had all grown up together, knowing nothing of city kids from Chicago.  After entering the University of Wisconsin-Madison, life improved.  College life agreed with me, so much so I tried to do too much, leading to dropping out.  With the Vietnam War raging, enlistment in the Air Force was preferable to the draft and in 1971 I was honorably discharged, having served overseas in Greenland.  Finally earning my UW degree in 1974, a foray into local politics was unproductive and so I was admitted to law school at Santa Clara University in California.  This was the smartest move I ever made since I found a passion for the legal writing I’ve been doing for the past 35 years.

When I’m not writing briefs, I like to get to UW football games, cheering the alma mater, and take trips around the golden West.